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In Case of Billing Error

If you were charged for items you did not purchase, or you did not receive the items you purchased, or if you were charged an incorrect amount, you may request a refund or correction by asking a question via Hypester's customer service email support@mahjongwonders.com

Purchase Terms

Purchases of virtual currency or virtual items sold on our site are subject to the Hypester`s Terms of Service. Some terms that are particularly relevant to your purchase include:

Privacy Policy

Your relationship with Hypester and your purchase of virtual currency or virtual items sold on our site and the information you provide throughout is governed by the Hypester Privacy Policy. Some pertinent sections of the full policy are provided below.

Please see the entire Privacy Policy for a complete description of how Hypester will use your information and maintain your privacy.

Mahjong Wonders Terms of Conduct

All players will have to oblige to the Terms of Conduct. Mahjong Wonders has the right to reset, delete or permanently ban a user account if he/she fails to follow the terms.

Mahjong Wonders accounts may not be sold or given to other people.

No duplicate accounts- one person is allowed to have one account in Mahjong Wonders.

Any high scores and game rewards that are obtained by fraud will be deleted and the user account will be banned.

Any hostile activity that impairs the game experience for other players will result in a ban or a termination of the Mahjong Wonders account.

Chat/Comments rules:

If a player violates the chat rules a permanent ban is enforced, a recurrent violation will result in a permanent ban or a termination of the players Mahjong Wonders account.

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