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The tiles are too small, it’s hard to find them

We have additional backgrounds and various tiles in Market in case you don’t like to play with standard background and standard tiles. Some tiles make playing easier, the others can give you just more points. Take a look at them and decide, which set fits you best.

Boosters on the gameboardI spun the Daily Wheel and got a prize, how do I use it?

You can win one of five different prizes when you spin the wheel. Four of the prizes are boosters that you can use in game. The boosters are located on the right side of the level as you play the game and all your prizes are automatically stored there.

Can I spin Daily Wheel more than once?

You can spin the Daily Wheel more than once if you log in to the game on consecutive days. On the first day you will get one spin; on the second day, two spins; and on the third day, three spins. If you log in to the game every day, you will always have three spins available after the third day. You can also get extra spins from our FB page where we occasionally post free boosters and spins.

I need to ask my friends for help but I don’t see any friends?

You can send your friends help requests when you have connected the game to Facebook. If you have connected the game to Facebook but missing some of your friends then you already have sent your friends gifts or other requests that day. You will have to wait for 18 hours to ask the same friend for help.

If your friend has hidden the game from their timeline, they will not appear in your friends list in the game or on the map - even if they play the game themselves. In this case they cannot help you with the quests or receive your gifts as well.

Out of free boostersFree boosters availableI had many coins, but they are all gone!

If you run out of boosters during your game, you can buy them with coins. If you do not want to spend your coins on in-game boosters, pay attention to the number shown beside the booster. If a price in coins appears, you are out of boosters and can buy new ones only for coins.

You can get more boosters from our app page, spinning the Daily Wheel or sending gifts to your friends - and they will send you boosters back.

I need more coins! Where do I get them?

You can buy coins or you can earn them if you complete achievements. For example, if you get 15 stars in first civilization, you will be awarded 1 coin, if you improve your game and get 30 stars, you will get 2 coins. If you complete all levels with 3 stars, you will get 3 coins. All-in-all you could get 6 coins for excellent performance in one civilization.

You can also get coins by spinning the Daily Wheel.

The level XX is too hard, there is too little time! It’s not fair to create such hard level!

Our game consists of easy and hard levels. And just like all the other games it will get harder along the way. But at the same time, you should get better at it as well. There are levels that might seem absolutely impossible to solve in given time. But it all is up to your skills.

We have solved all the levels ourselves and they all are solvable.
Some professional players can solve these with minimal help from boosters, other might want to use them more often.

If you feel that the level is too hard, you can opt for different ways to help you through it:

- You can always use Hint to reveal a match on the table. Using Hint booster will cost you 10 seconds.
- If you are running out of time, you can use 20s booster to extend your time on the level, but only if you use it before the time runs out! You can only use 3 20s boosters per game. If you need more time, you can buy an additional 60s after the game has ended.
- If you have hard time finding matches, use Reshuffle to change the layout.
- Superhint will show you matches thoughout the level after 3 seconds.
- Highlight will hide all the tiles you cannot match.
- You can get all the boosters (except Hint) from Daily Wheel or you can buy them for coins.

I’m having trouble with the game? The game won’t load or start.

Shut down your game or restart your iPad, update your game from App store and open the game. If first time the game stops loading, shut it down and open it again. If the problem persists, please contact us: and we will be glad to help you out!

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